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We help you see the truth of your production
Get online dashboards, updated with trustworthy, transparent production data and forget using of shop-floor papers or spreadsheets, time-consuming data collecting and reporting and delayed information.
Be ready for Industry 4.0.

Machine data acquisition

Obtain machine data automatically without operator intervention and use it for real-time evaluation or for calculating defined indicators. Data can be read from production systems or from IoT sensors located directly on production machines.

Paperless data
from staff

Whether you are dealing with product visual inspection, process monitoring, downtime and cause recording, recording of measured values, or tracking the status of your orders, one thing is certain: you need data that is generated in these activities and you are probably writing them on paper today.

Online data

Get the production data available is one thing. To be able to analyze, evaluate and present them in clear and up-to-date form, it the second. We know how to keep you up-to-date with real-time information and give you strong analytic tool for your own requirements.

Digital documentation

We have solutions beginning from simple management of technical documentation and its availability in production, to complex document life cycle management from creation, through approving, publishing to archiving in paperless form.

Alerts and notifications

Set up your specific rules for situations you want to be informed about. Whether production defects or unplanned shutdowns occurred. The Alert system will instantly inform you via e-mail or SMS, and you will not more miss anything important regarding your production.

Management Dashboards

We will prepare Dashboards according to your ideas or give you a tool, to do it yourself. Dashboards will be fancy and automatically updated, easily accessible via web or sent to your Inbox. The data will be accurate, up-to-date and trustworthy. Without additional effort.


We are able to connect your other software solution in order to automatically retrieve data from central repositories, or send information about production or scrap to the ERP to eliminate the need for data rewriting.

Photo evidence

If you need to capture photos directly in the production process and use them as an evidence of the actual status and conformity, you can do it via Photo module directly from individual applications from your terminal, tablet or smartphone.  Recorded pictures are automatically assigned to control logs and managed on the system without user intervention.


Whatever you need to track the process capability (Cp, Cpk), machine capability (Cmk), or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), we can set up the system to collect the necessary data and automatically calculate the key indicators for your business. Just define the parameters for the calculation and you can easily get the report on demand.

From now you can choose also cloud version without any technical requirements, instead of on-prem version on your own infrastructure.
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